Don Barone: Meet Chris Zaldain

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by Don Barone

Dateline:  Muskegon, Michigan

This, is my 4th, 2nd chance.

B.A.S.S., being, the, THIS.

I have been classically trained in Journalism, I have been experiencely trained in Journalism, I have been writing so long that the first story I ever wrote was in crayon, but going into this 4th, 2ndchance I told myself, this would be my last chance, and I was going to disregard everything I had learned in the past and I was going to do it my way, this.

I know some of you may love it, some may hate it, I understand both, but in this 4th, 2nd chance I was going to do it not how my learned brain told me, but how my emotional heart whispered, was the way.

And my heart told me to only follow four rules:

·      Tell the human story because that story shows we are all more alike than we are different.

·      Focus on goodness.

·      Write backwards, I always write the end of the story first.

·      Virgin ears.  The less I prepare ahead of time, the more I learn while doing the story.

Every story I do will have those four elements in it, and because of that, the interview I did with Chris Zaldain turned out to be one of the best interviews I’ve had this year…and I will tell you the God’s honest truth as to how the interview began…you can ask Chris this if you don’t believe me but this is exactly how I began it:

“So, how do you spell your name.”

“…who, who, who…”

“Z…A…L…D…A…I…N.  It’s Basque, my ancestors are French and Spanish.”

“Where you from.”

“San Jose, California.”

“Mom, Dad, they still alive.”

“Yes, my Dad, Bob, is a Vietnam Vet who now works as an Operations Manager at a Semiconductor company, my mom, my mom Rose, she is a breast cancer survivor, things were going well, now, now turns out she has Ovarian Cancer, but you know what db, she is handling it well, never been happier.”

Chris Zaldain Copyright 2013